Surveying Virginia for 30 Years
No job is too big or too small - whether you are purchasing, building, or planning. We serve both residential and commercial from Central to Northern Virginia.
Accurate, comprehensive measurement reports

Licensed in Virginia, Axis Land Survey performs a vast array of surveys from small lots to large tracts and even Subdivisions. Whether you are getting ready to build a new home or are purchasing an existing property, we can provide you with an accurate and comprehensive measurement report.

  • Residential & Commercial
  • Site planning
  • Boundary surveys and adjustments
  • Flood Elevation Certificates
  • ... and much more

Local Resources

There are many different aspects to Surveying that require help from more than just a licensed Surveyor. Here's a list of Local/County contacts for your use!

Settlement & Title

Local Attorneys

Planning & Zoning

OSE Service Providers
About Axis Land Survey, Inc.
Located in Spotsylvania County, VA

"Highly recommend. Very knowledgeable and helpful team. Well recognized by the local community."
- Jeremiah H.

"We have used Axis for years and they are professional and responsive. Highly recommended!"
- Allison M.

"...very professional, friendly, and dependable. I appreciate their upfront approach as well as their willingness to explain things to me along the way..."
- Donna S.

"We have been using Axis land surveying for years. Very professional .whole staff is very polite and helpful. Will definitely recommend."
- Bittu K.
Questions about Surveying?

Land surveying is the process of determining the precise locations of points, lines, boundaries, and other features on the earth's surface. Surveying is a critical tool in many fields, including engineering, construction, mapping, and land management. Surveying can be used to measure everything from the size of a building lot to the height of a mountain. Surveying equipment has come a long way since the days when surveyors had to use nothing more than a chain and a measuring tape. Today, surveyors use sophisticated electronic instruments, such as GPS receivers and laser scanners, to collect data. This data is then processed using computer software to create accurate maps and drawings.
Surveyor's Prayer

Almighty God, Surveyor of the Universe and the True Point of beginnings for all things.

Bless that parcel of time more particularly described as life and guide us as we traverse through it.

May we accurately follow the courses you have set forth giving full measure of our time and talents in a manner that will make our lives worthy of a place in the record book of eternity.

We submit the sum of our being; less and except those errors by your grace forgiven.

Witnessed by those present in your Holy Name.


Written by Ben DeVane in 1991