Land Surveying Services
Axis Land Survey provides a wide variety of services, whether you are purchasing an existing home, building your dream home on the lake, or planning a residential or commercial development.
Types of measurement reports

  • Boundary Surveys: large and small
  • Major/Minor Subdivisions
  • Family/Annual Exempt Divisions
  • Foundation and House Location Surveys
  • Construction layout/staking
  • Boundary Line Adjustments & Consolidations
  • Flood Elevation Certificates and LOMAs
  • Surveys for Building/Land Disturbance Permits
  • Site plans for New Construction or Existing home additions
  • Drainfield/Septic Surveys
  • Shoreline permits for docks and other structures on Lake Anna
  • Surveys for Developments
  • Locating Wetlands & RPA limits
  • ALTA/ACSM surveys
Types of Land Surveys

A Boundary Survey is recommended before buying, subdividing, improving, or building on land. The purpose of a Boundary Survey is to map and identify the location of property lines. Once the Boundary Survey is completed the surveyor then creates a “Plat of Survey” that documents all pertinent information to that property. A Boundary Survey is commonly completed prior to buying property because it legally protects against future disputes and rebuilding.